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Aggregate in Engineered Stone
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Aggregate in Engineered Stone

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Glass chips replaced Quartz sand


Aggregate is the main raw material for the skeleton and support. For example, when the cement is mixed with water, if the aggregate is not added, it will not be able to shape, will lead to be unusable. So aggregate is a very important raw material in construction.

The aggregate applied to the floor and engineered stone not only plays a skeleton and support role, but also plays a decorative role. In recent years, many interior designers and architects have chosen to add customizable options, whether in the hall, bathroom or kitchen, added a lot of characteristics. As one of the common raw materials of aggregate, quartz sand is very popular in the market, but quartz sand is naturally obtained from ore.

The ore, as everyone knows, is formed by the accumulation of days and months in nature, and this process is over a long period of time, it can not be measured by a human lifetime. With the increase of people's demand, there will be mining more and more ore to make up for the shortfall in raw materials, which is undoubtedly the overdraft and destruction of our living homes bit by bit.

Because people are aware of this, they are focusing on recycling glass chips, which has two main advantages.

On the premise of improving aesthetics, using recycled glass chips, on the one hand, improve the utilization rate of waste resources, reduce the exploitation of natural resources, not only protect the environment, but also protect resources; On the other hand, when quartz sand is used as aggregate, environmental pollution will be caused during processing, while the recycled glass chips only need to be crushed and removed from the impurities, which have a much lower degree of environmental pollution.

Advantages of Crushed Glass Chips

It is clear, odorless, less pollution, has good aesthetics etc.


0.065-0.2mm, 0.1-0.4mm, 0.3-0.7mm

Other size is available as per customer’s requirement.

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