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Hi Chipper Culture
Future Depends on Responsibility
Corperate Vision​​​​​​​
The Guider in Recycled Glass Industry.
Corperate Mission
To co-create all staff's happiness in both the material and the spiritual, meanwhile, to make contribution for the progress of humanity and society.
Corperate Core Culture
Future Depends on Responsibility.
Core Corporate Culture
Venture Motto
Corporate Values
Market Motto
Core Corporate Culture
  •  Emphasize the sense of family responsibility
  •  Emphasize the sense of corporate responsibility
  •  Emphasize the sense of Social responsibility
  •  Corporate should be responsible for its staff
  •  Corporate should be responsible for its clients
  •  Corporate should be responsible for the society
  •  Staff should be responsible for their families
  •  Staff should be responsible for their clients
  •  Staff should be responsible for their corporate
  •  Staff should be responsible for the society
Venture Motto
 Business Model: Commonweal、Culture、Commerce are tied together for development.

 It is firmly believed that ideological idea is the decisive productivity.

 There is no established rules in ventures ,only courage and boldness can create rules.

 To learn the art of war in the war, to learn how to create business during business start-up.

 To be an entrepreneur, the first step is to be an artist and the second is to be a philosopher.

 Work style: bold but cautious, quick and calm, there should be no delay in work.
Corporate Values
  •  Business can go well when you operate the company as public utility,it won’t go long when you treat the company as your private property or only aim to earn money. This is the core of Hi Chipper corporate values.

  •  The company is a platform for you to display your talent and do business,the founder is only a founder of the platform.
Market Motto
  •  We aim to solve problems for our clients.

  •  The salesman is the bridage between company and clients,and he must consider both for his clients and company and must be fair between the two.

  •  In order to do business successfully,you must put yourself both in your own cmpany’s and your clients’ operation.

  •  The process to deal with the clients’ complaints is the process you get closer to your clients,win trust from them and establish credibility with them ,and it’s also the motivation you improve your products quality and customer service and promote the company’s development.This is an opportunity and we must take hold of it.

  •  To satisfy the most demanding customer,it will be a piece of cake to satisfy other customers.

Leader's Motto

Every leader should find out his successor and train the successor intentionally. This is the basis for company expansion and development and it should be started at the very first day he takes the position.
 Enterprise management is actually simple. As long as each main manager can seize market and innovation, complicated management will become easier, management thinking will be clearer, so that enterprise can be developed sustainably.
 Enterprise leaders should continously study all kinds of ways for cost saving, this is everyday's task.
 Talent is the root of enterprises. Once finding talents, enterprise leader should retain them, cultivate them,reuse them and set up a platform for them.
 We must firmly believe that every staff is a talent. The key point is leaders should put their hearts into caring about staff, finding, cultivating and reusing the talent of all staff.
 If staff is natural root, then leader is a sculputor who should know how to make various artworks as per different natural shape of root.
Thousands of people have thousands of different faces. Different people have different personalities. Every staff should be used according to their own nature. Leader should learn to respect all staff, to make use of their strengths, forgive weakness and help them to overcome their weakness.
 Enterprise leader should learn to share benefit with his staff and must abide by principle of justice, careing about and respecting his staff.
 The leader should learn to attribute the achievement to staff and leave himself the obligation.Only by this way can he establish his prestige.
 Leader's responsibility is not only to make profit, but also to cultivate talent.
 No corporation is defeated by competitors,but by themselves.
 We are running an educational corporation,and we should make our participator better.
 We should deal with the sourpuss directly ,because it’s he who force us to consummate our system and reinforce our management.
 Only the one who never does anything makes no mistakes. We should’t judge a person by the numbers of mistakes he makes ,but by his rate of making mistakes. In most cases,the leaders would focus their attention on the numbers instead of the rates,and that is absolutely wrong.
 The corporation should adapt different management methods at different stages.The corporation won’t be energetic without constant adjustment.
 System is always more important than power.
 System should be implement, it must be avoided being left as a form.
 There should be more reward and less penalty in the company. It will be the best if there can be no penalty.
 Rewards and penalties should be decided by the results not the subjective impression.it should be fair and can satisfy everybody.
 If the company only pays attention to safety and quality regardless of logistitics management,it will lose the basic guarantee. Once there is any problem with the logistics,we even don’t have the chance for regret.
  • Attainment Motto
    Attainment Motto
    A broad-minded man tolerates others’ defects and make a man of himself , while a narrow-minded man shut himself from others’ by propagating and complaining their defects.

    His social circle will be enlarged if he always notices the good parts of others, on the contrary , he will confine himself to his own if he fails to do so .

    People who gives conflicting opinions and criticisms should be paid with grateful thanks instead of foolishly revenging him.

    Keeping “patience & courtesy” in mind always, never be rush to hurt other’s benefit and safe when driving, waiting in a line or any other trifles.

    It has been a truth universally acknowledged to put filiality in the first place, respect the old and love the young as well as to help others and to behave righteously.
  • Innovation Motto
    Innovation Motto
    Everyone should learn to innovate, innovation can either be big or small. In fact,innovation is easy. For example,a good idea for your own work or a small improvement are all innovations.

    The company should not ingore any innovational action or ideas. Staff should learn to innovate and should be encouraged and rewarded. The company will go on

    We have already entered the time of innovation.Innovation is much more important than capital.We can develop with innovation even if we do not have capital.But if it goes the other way around,it is almost impossible to develop even a little.

    We should always come up with new ideas to economize on the basis of economy.This is not harsh,but innovantion.

    Only continual innovations enable us to win in the compitation.
Management Motto
 No business can’t be done,but there’s people who can’t do it.
 Do’t wait for work,you should learn to discover work and do it forwardly.
 The job hunter should think like this: “no matter what kind of company,it will be better because of my paticipation,because I have the ability.” If it is,no matter the company lack heads,he will invite you to work for him.
 Brand is very important for company ,but if the product quality is not good or stable ,the brand can’t be established,then we only to find the close of the company.
 Both quality and thrift are important,good quality never means waste.
 Make sure that all the suppliers’ and our own mistakes are corrected within the company, in a word,make sure our product can satisfy our clients totally.
 Sending unqualified products to our clients is an act in contravention of conscience and morality.
 Safety is not only our own problem ,it’s also a social problem. It will make no difference if we pay no attention to this issue.
 We must learn to communicate,in fact , problems in work are mostly as a result of bad communication.
 The company will go on to develop if there exist problems.It is on the continuous process of solving old problems and coming the new ones that a company improves and develops continuously.It is the end of the compony when it has no problems.
 As long as you focus your attention on a whole thing and continue doing so,you will be sure to success.
 Any difficulty and furstration is opportunity.
 Where there is a problem,there is a new chance.
 When facing difficulty,there are two kinds of people. The first kind who tends to complaint and even escape will be abandon if they don’t change themselves; the second kind who tends to
 Brand is company’s namecard,staff are company’s live namecards.
 It is not real good unless the suppliers say our credit is good
 Do business with your head.

Brightness Motto

 If subordinates make a mistake, the supervisor must first consider that it’s his fault, either the work arrangement is not appropriate or careful consideration is lacked . If so the system and process should be improved immediately . If it were the problems of subordinates themselves . It’s still the supervisor’s fault for he fails to choose the qualified employees.
 More praise and less criticism. Praising in public and criticizing in private.
 Do not make enemies for yourself , because they will attack you secretly if they don’t do this in the light.
 Be thankful while working, a joyful mood will accompany you all the time.
 Repeated praise is welcomed, while repeated criticism is not, especially do not exposing others’ old failures.
Using brain before taking action when matters arise.

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