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Qingdao Hi Chipper Glass Co., Ltd, ISO9001 manufacturer, is a Sino-Taiwan Joint Venture. It was set up in 2005. We are the well-known manufacturer and exporter in China for crushed mirror and crushed glass, our products include crushed mirror, crushed clear glass, crushed colored glass, glow in dark glass, fire pit glass, landscape glass, crushed sea shell and crushed black quartz, all of our products are used widely in engineered stone, terrazzo, tile, fire pit, landscaping, water filter media, sandblasting media etc.

Our factory is located in the biggest port city in North China—Qingdao. It is 10 KM only from Qingdao international seaport and 30KM only from Qingdao international airport. The logistics and transportation is convenient and fast.
QUALITY and SERVICE are always at the first priorities. We are SGS audited factory. We have very strict quality control system, our products have been exported to many countries around the world and win good reputation for the good quality and quality consistency. Future Depends on Responsibility. “RESPONSIBILITY” is the core of the corporate culture. we care about our customers’ interest and the market demands. We have confidence that you will be pleased with our quality and service when you choose to cooperate with us.

Our History

  • Mr. Chipper Chen, graduated from Qingdao Technological University in 1998, starting his own trading business in glass and mirror. For ensuring the quality and delivery, Chipper set up Qingdao Hi Chipper Glass in 2005 and started the production of mirror sheet, cutting mirror and cutting glass.

    During production, there are lots of cutting leftover of glass and mirror, for glass leftover, it can be recycled for glass production, but for mirror, because it has coating and painting, it can not be recycled for glass production. Some companies sourced our mirror leftover, later Mr. Chipper knew mirror leftover was acid-washed into glass, the pollution was very serious.

So Chipper and his team thought over how to take good use of mirror leftover. Chipper suggested to crush the mirror and recommended the crushed mirror to all overseas agents of Hi Chipper Glass. Soon, one customer’s friend tried crushed mirror in their engineered stone, stone with sparkling crushed mirror looked very nice. So Hi Chipper started crushed mirror and crushed glass since then. Hi Chipper collected mirror leftover all over China and turned mirror leftover into crushed mirror and exported it to customers around the world. Hi Chipper team was very proud of it, because more mirror leftover was crushed, less mirror left was acid-washed, less lands and rivers were polluted, the earth would become better and better.

Up till now, Hi Chipper has been well-know manufacturer and exporter for crushed glass and crushed mirror, the monthly capacity is 4000 metric tons. Apart from engineered stone, the crushed glass and crushed mirror were used in more and more industries, such as terrazzo, concrete, tile, resin, flooring, water filter media, blasting media, landscaping, fire pit decoration and vase filler etc.

Hi Chipper thanks all the customers, because of you, the earth becomes more beautiful.

Our Team

Hi Chipper will be your reliable partner for long-term relation.
Thank you and welcome to visit us in Qingdao.
  •   Department Name   Full Time Employee(s)   Part-Time Employee(s)   Total
      GM   1   0   1
      Purchase Dept.   2   0   2
      Research and Development Dept.   2   0   2
      Production Dept.   43   0   43
      Quality Dept.   5   0   5
      Sales Dept.   5   0   5
      Finance Dept.   2   0   2
      Total Number:   60   0   60

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Qingdao Hi Chipper Glass Co., Ltd, ISO9001 manufacturer, is a Sino-Taiwan Joint Venture. It was set up in 2005.  Read More>>

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