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Crushed Glass Chips Production
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Crushed Glass Chips Production

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There are many different types of crushed glass products in practice. This article will take you through the various types of crushed glass products and the various applications.

What are the different types of crushed glass products?

We know that there are many types of crushed glass products, each with its own characteristics. The most common types are: crushed clear glass, crushed colored glass, crushed mirror glass, coated crushed glass, glitter glass, glass rock, fire glass, glass beads, glass pebbles, glow glass chips, glow glass pebbles and so on.

What is the use of crushed glass products?

These crushed glass products are widely used in many fields according to their different characteristics. Different sizes of crushed clear glass and clear glass beads will be used in vase filling materials, concrete materials, resins and crafts, water filtration materials, sandblasting materials, terrazzo and engineered stone aggregate materials, etc. Different specifications of crushed colored glass, crushed mirror glass, coated crushed glass and glitter glass, will be used in terrazzo and engineered stone aggregate materials, vase filling materials, beauty products decoration materials, resins and crafts, etc. Tempered glass due to its properties, will be used in fire bowls, fire pits and fireplaces. Glass rock and glass pebbles(including glow glass pebbles) can be used in landscape decoration, garden decoration and fireplace decoration.


Where do crushed glass products come from?

It's made with 100% recycled clear flat glass, colored glass rock, glass mirror and so on. The crushed colored glass is not dyed color, all are solid color. We use both sorting machines and labors to get rid of contamination, then crushing and sieving. During the production, our lab people test at least 3 times for each bag, to make sure each bag of crushed glass products is qualified.

How to find a way to buy crushed glass products?

There are two ways to buy, online and offline. You can contact us and go to our Hi Chipper shop for purchase, or you can go to our factory for inspection. We will provide the best price and the best service.

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