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Crushed Glass Sand Blasting Media
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Crushed Glass Sand Blasting Media

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Hi Chipper Crushed Glass Abrasive Blasting Media can make sandblasting much more safely and effectively than sand and slag for surface preparation, rust, paint removal, and abrasive cleaning.

Today we will introduce some details about Crushed Glass in sandblasting. As we all know, sandblasting media can remove all dirt on the surface of the workpiece, and improve the surface polishing of the workpiece to improve the finish of the workpiece, can make the workpiece reveal a uniform metal color, make the workpiece appearance more beautiful, good-looking.图片 3

In the process of sandblasting, there will be a lot of dust, which will affect the health of sandblasting workers. This concern can be greatly reduced if crushed glass particles are used as a sandblasting material.


Safest Blasting Media

▻Crushed Glass eliminates the silicosis hazard because it is a completely inert media that contains no free silica (less than 1%), yet silica sand in its natural state has a crystalline structure that is a known airborne carcinogen.

▻Crushed glass is free of heavy metals such as arsenic, lead, asbestos, beryllium, titanium, etc, all typically found in coal and mineral slags.

More Effective Blasting Media

▻Sharp angular grains, crushed glass blasting quickly delivers clean, bright finish.

▻Crushed glass delivers very low particle embedment, which produce a natural, whiter medal finish than many other sandblasting abrasives.

▻Lower Density, less material to fill your pot and requires up to 50% less to do the job.

▻Environmentally Responsible, 100% recycled glass.

As mentioned above, crushed glass particles have sharp angular particles that can quickly provide a clean, bright surface.

In order to achieve this effect, we can produce different product specifications.

·Regular Size: 0.1-0.3mm, 0.1-0.6mm, 0.3-0.8mm, 0.5-1.5mm.

Of course, if you need other specifications, which can be negotiated.

图片 4

We also have different packaging methods according to your different requirements.

·Packing: 1.25 Metric Ton/Big Bag, or 25KG/Bag.

Other Packing is available.

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