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Water Filter Crushed Glass Chips with All Size
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Water Filter Crushed Glass Chips with All Size

  • 0.2-0.4mm, 0.3-0.8mm, 0.5-1.5mm, 1-3mm

  • Hi Chipper

  • 3207.4000


Water Filter Crushed Glass Chips with All Size

Description of Crushed Glass Chips

Transparent flat glass is made from 100 percent recycled material. Sorting machines and labor are used to remove contamination, followed by crushing and sieving. Crushed clear glass bags are tested at least three times during production to ensure they are qualified.

recycled crushed glass sand

Material Float Glass, Flat Mirror 
Regular Size 0.2-0.4mm, 0.3-0.8mm, 0.5-1.5mm, 1-3mm
Shape Granule, Chips
Usage Water Filtration
Test Report Sent upon request
Monthly Capacity 4000 Metric Tons
Sample free small sample
Quality Control Every Bag is checked before shipment
Service 24 hours on line


1.25 Metric Tons/Bag, 25Kg/Bag, 20Kg/bag, 15Kg/bag

Qingdao Hi Chipper Glass Co., Ltd is the first one and now well-know manufacturer in China for crushed glass, since 2005, we focus on the production of recycled crushed clear glass, including crushed clear glass, crushed mirror and crushed colored glass, used widely in industry of terrazzo, engineered stone, concrete, tile and landscaping ect.

Factory Office

Q:What are the regular sizes?

A:We have regular sizes of 0.2-0.4mm, 0.3-0.8mm, 0.5-1.5mm, 1-3mm, other size is available as per customers’ requirement.

Q: What is the MOQ?

A:The MOQ is 1 Metric Ton/Size

Q: What’s the capacity?

A:4000 Tons/Month

Q: What’s the delivery time?

A:For irregular requests, the lead time is around 30 days. For regular requirement, it’s about 7 days.

Q: What’s color of Hi Chipper crushed glass filter media?

A: 100% transparent

Q:Does transparent glass filter media have same efficient as colored glass?

A: Colored glass are produced including different chemicals, metals and oxides.  this does not change glass ‘s properties, nor does it affect the filtering process. coloured filter media is made with colored glass bottle collected from residence, not like recycled flat clear glass which is from glass factory directly, clear glass is more clean and healthy as water filter media.

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